If you’re new at LeuvenSalsa! …
Ø       proposes dance classes: salsa of course but also bachata, tango, chacha, ladies’ styling
Ø       organises parties very regularly (next date Mon 25th of October in Café Manger, Oude Markt Leuven)
Ø       organises salsa holidays in Tuscany in July and August (http://www.salsaintoscana.com)
Ø       organises the Leuven Salsa Festival twice a year (next date Sat 20/11) (http://www.leuvensalsafestival.com)
Ø       organises business events, private classes, shows, dance initiations, workshops etc

1. Coached practise evenings
2. Taking classes for free as extra leader or follower
3. Recuperate a class you’ve missed
4. Holidays
5. Discounts
6. Free try out classes
7. Video’s of the material seen in the classes
8. Communication
9. What is ‘ladies’ styling & technique’?
10. Payments
11. Do you want a salsa music compilation to practise?
12. Levels
13. Do you ‘have’ to always dance partners?
1.     We propose twice a month a coached practise evening for our students.
In order to help our students to assimilate the material that we propose in the classes we organize on Thursday evenings (8-10.30pm) and twice a month the 'coached practise evenings'. 
You'll have a dance floor to dance and practise but there will also be instructors of LeuvenSalsa! present to help you when and if necessary (and if you ask for it of course)! The instructors will know the material you have seen, an individual approach will be possible here.
Ideal for people who want to practise a bit more or for those of you who have some difficulty to assimilate the material in their level. The practise evenings are not only for beginners, anyone can attend them. 
These evenings take place twice a month in Café Manger (Oude Markt 29, Leuven) from 9 to 10.30pm. Entrance fee is 3 euro. After the practise session (from 10.30pm to 1am) there'll be a free salsa party! Next practice session + party coming up on Monday 25th of October.
  1. It is possible for you to take many classes for free!
In case we need in a certain class extra men or extra ladies to make the balance men-women ok, we will invite you to come to this class. As you are already enrolled in your own class this will be a free class as a so called ‘extra leader’ or ‘extra follower’.
How will you know when we need extra men or women? We will send you a mail soon after the start of all of the series with a list of classes where we need more men or ladies. We will also post short messages on Facebook to tell about these needs. Here’s my address on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150265931651561&index=1#!/leuvensalsa. And here’s the address of the LeuvenSalsa! group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150265931651561&index=1#!/group.php?gid=4046419247&ref=ts.
è     This system of ‘extra leaders’ and ‘extra followers’ works really well but only if you let us know when you cannot come to a class! Please send us a mail in the morning at the latest to let us know!
è     Of course it is better to be an ‘extra leader’ or ‘extra follower’ in a level that is close to your level.
è     Last thing: you can only be an ‘extra leader’ or ‘extra follower’ for free if you’re enrolled in the same dance style! So if you’re enrolled for instance in tango, you can’t be an extra leader for free in a salsa class.
  1. If you miss a class you can recuperate this class
If you miss a class you can recuperate it. Please let us know beforehand that you are going to miss that class and which other class you would like to attend to recuperate it. The only condition to recuperate a class is that this happens within the period of ten weeks of the series you’ve enrolled for.
  1. There are no classes during the Christmas break and during the Easter break!

  2. Discounts
·         Students (bachelor or master students) and -18 will pay only 70 euro for a series of ten classes (instead of 75 euro normally).
·         Groups of minimum 4 people enrolling together for a ‘beginners 1’ course will benefit from an extra 5 euro discount per person.
·         If you enrol for more than one series (in a period of two months) you’ll benefit of discounts (the so called ‘combined tickets’):
o        135 euro for two series of ten classes (e.g. salsa+tango, salsa+bachata, two salsa series, …)
o        100 euro for a series of ten classes plus a series of five (e.g. salsa+ladies’ styling)
o        More details on this page.
6.     Free try out classes
The first class of a series for absolute beginners (‘beginners 1’) can always be taken as a free try out class. So if you want to find out what bachata is or if you would like to try out a salsa or tango initiation that is absolutely possible. We start up new classes every five weeks so there’ll be free try out classes every five weeks.

7.     We will make video’s of the material you’ve seen in the classes
As an extra service for our students we will make private groups for every level on Facebook (beg1, beg2, int2, int2, adv) in which we’ll post the video’s of the material seen during the classes. I will send you the link so that you can become a member of these private groups (students of that level only).
Note that you can always bring your own camera and record the material at the end of the class!

8.     Communication
·         Newsletter: we send out a newsletter every now and then with all the news brought together in a compact and clear way. Go to the website http://www.leuvensalsa.com to subscribe (you can unsubscribe yourself whenever you want).
·         Website: we spend a lot of energy in our website to make it as interesting and clear as possible. You’ll find lots of info: background info, tips, an agenda, video’s, pictures, news items, the schedule of upcoming classes, upcoming parties, our teachers’ staff, the holidays in Tuscany etc etc
·         Write to info@leuvensalsa.com or call 0496/123006 for all questions.
9. What is 'Ladies' styling & technique'?
These are classes meant for ladies only. It will help you to make quicker progress when you'll dance salsa in couple. We will focus both on styling and technique specific for the ladies. More info here: click
10. Payments
Payments are done:
  • at the start of the first or second class of a series if you have enrolled for a ‘beginners 1’ class
  • at the start of the first class in all other cases
Please come a little earlier so that we can start the class at the normal moment. Note that fees are never paid back. If you want to benefit from a group discount, please send a message first to info@leuvensalsa.com with the names of the (minimum four) people. If you would like to have a combined ticket we will ask you to pay the full amount.
Important note: most of the health insurance companies in Belgium will pay you back a small sum of money every year if you participate in dance classes (20-25 euro depending on the company).
11.Do you want a salsa music compilation to practise on at home?
We usually organise it this way: we give some compilations cd’s to some students, they make some new copies and bring those to the next class. These new copies go to other students who copy them again etc etc. We only charge the price of the empty cd.
12.Do you ‘automatically’ go from ‘beginners 1’ to ‘beginners 2’ to ‘intermediate 1’ and so on?
Certainly not automatically no. On the contrary: we advice in general from the second level on (‘beginners 2’) to take every level two times. There’s no hurry: the idea in general is for everyone to have fun in dancing and to learn lots of things but it takes time, so I would advice not to ‘rush’ from one level to another.
13.Do you ‘have’ to always change dance partners in the classes?
We will regularly propose to change dance partners during the classes. The idea behind is this is that you’ll learn faster and more if you dance with different people. If you’re always dancing with the same person, the process of learning to lead and follow will be slower as you will be too used to this one person. This is simply a didactical point of view. There are people though who really prefer to always (or sometimes) dance with their dance partner and we can of course absolutely understand this, so please simply let us know before the class you’d like to stay with your dance partner.


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