This is probably a sentence that sounds familiar to some of you. Or if you replace 'years' by 'months' it'll be familiar to others ... A student of LeuvenSalsa! wrote it to me some days ago and it made me think of many things.

Of course frustration is a normal human feeling. If you're trying to get to something, to learn something, you will be frustrated every now and then. A normal point in a learning progress. And of course all of us want to learn something, all of us want to be at least 'ok' dancers. At least we'll have a chance of having dance partners at parties ...

But this 'motivation' to learn shouldn't go too far. Still remember what a friend once said about the difference between the 'Cuban' salsa scene and the 'LA style salsa scene': the people in the 'Latino' scene go back home after a party smiling if they've had fun, the others go back home smiling if they have danced well ...

Salsa and dancing in general should be done for the fun of it. It shouldn't really matter if you're great at it or not. Some people -in my opinion- are great at it because they enjoy it so much. The pleasure of the dance bursts out of them when they're dancing. Maybe it's technically speaking all not so perfect but that smile, that joy they share with the partner! How many people do not dance because they think that they're not good at it? The thing is: who cares that you're not good at it?

Again, I can understand of course frustration. I have that feeling myself every now and then. Everyone i guess would like to learn faster, to dance 'better', to spin ten times without loosing balance even a bit ... The thing is most of us have lots of difficulty spinning without loosing balance a bit ;-). It's great to be motivated to learn, to get better but it shouldn't kill the pleasure or get yourself frustrated.

Latin dance styles for me are a playground in which we can have so much fun, work out, improve our coordination, musical feeling, meet people, share excitement with others ... Dancing should be an universal right, not something reserved for the ones with 'talent' and not something that you 'have to learn' ...

Just my humble opinion, feel absolutely free to react.


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