A couple of months ago I sent a list of questions to all of the students of LeuvenSalsa! asking for feedback on the classes, the parties, the festival, the publicity etc etc. I received a lot of reactions, remarks, comments, critics, proposals ... Thanks a lot for your time!

Here are some of the topics and our reaction to them:

1. Several people asked for more repetition of the material saying that the rhythm was quite high and suggesting that repeating the move of the previous class at the start of every new class could be a great idea.

-> From September on we'll propose 'Coached practise evenings' twice a month. Small groups, almost individual approach, should be ideal for people who want to practise more or see some moves again.

-> We'll very regularly start the class with a rehearsal of the move of the previous week, promised!

2. Some people were asking if it wasn't possible to dance after the classes in the dance hall, no class, just social dancing.

-> In Sportoase there will be the possibility to dance every Monday until at least midnight at the central bar!

3. Some people suggested it would be great if the regular students or the ones who took more than one course could be 'rewarded'.

-> We will start with a LeuvenSalsa! membership card soon!

-> There are strong discounts if you enrol for two or more courses in a period of two months time.

4. Many of you appreciate the video's we post with the material of the classes but find the groups on Facebook sometimes chaotic.

-> We'll have more order in the groups in the first place and we'll soon start a category of video's on the website with full explanation of combinations by LeuvenSalsa! teachers!

5. Some people ask for a more precise communication and publicity as sometimes the same news is repeated (through different ways) several times.

-> The newsletter will become more and more important. Emails will only be used for smaller news (and not often). The website in itself will become more and more important to spread news: our messages will constantly refer to the website as a central point of info.

6. Some of you were asking for an agenda that would indicate what classes take place every day of the week at what time etc. The schedule that you find on the website only indicates classes that are going to start and not the classes that are taking place (the series of classes that have already started).

-> We are currently working on an agenda/calendar with all of the classes that will be on the website.


Thanks again for your feedback, you're helping us to do a better job!


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