We propose dance classes for absolute beginners in the following styles:

  • salsa LA style and salsa cubana
  • tango
  • bachata
  • rueda de casino
  • samba de gafieira


You can always attend the first class of a series for absolute beginners (we call this 'beginners 1') as a free try out class.

Payments can be done at the end of the first or at the start of the second class. You'll pay 80 euro for a series of ten classes (75 euro if you are a bachelor or master student or if you are younger than 18).

If you are not a beginner, you can try out a class for free. This way you and the teachers will see in which level you should take classes. There are five levels in salsa, three in bachata, two in tango, three in rueda de casino.

Our classes are clearly structured and our teachers will always help you out with a smile. The classes start with a short warming up and then starts the 'partnerwork' part including also some solo work very often. We leave for sure enough time in the classes for practising and repeating the material.

-> You do not need to enrol with a dance partner in our school, we will take care of finding dance partners for everyone.

You can tape the material of the classes on camera but you will also find the video's with the material inside the Facebook group we have made for each style and each level. These groups are for our students only.


  1. What happens if you miss a class?
    You can recuperate a missed class on another day of the week. You simply need to let us know at info@leuvensalsa.com which class you would like to attend. The only condition is that you recuperate the missed class(es) in the period of ten weeks of 'your' group.
  2. How long does it take to be able to go out and use what you've learned?
    The thing is it would be best for everyone to go out as soon as possible. The reason why people often don't do that is simply (understandable) shyness. Try to overcome this shyness and get on the dance floor ;-)! After all Palais de Buc's and Café Manger are bars, so you can go in the beginning to have a drink and then little by little get on the dance floor! We do parties every Monday and every Wednesday in Café Manger (Oude Markt 21), every Thursday and Friday in Palais de Buc's (JP Minckelersstraat 186).

  3. Where can I find music to practise on?
    We regularly make new compilations and publish them on Spotify.
    Here is for instance one of our Spotify playlists: https://play.spotify.com/user/1112643650/playlist/4dsGVSzd3dG2Xab1B0uUx8
  4. Do you need to have a sense of rhythm and a sportive body and shape in order to dance?
    Not really. These are things we'll work on. Dancing helps for many things, both physical and mental. It will also make your sense of rhythm better, it can make you feel fit physically and mentally

    5. Can I also attend more than one class a week?
    Yes of course you can. You can enrol for more than one series a week, some people attend three, four or more classes a week! You will get a discount if you enrol for two courses or more simultaneously.

    There are discounts if you enrol for two or more courses starting simultaneously. Check out the prices for these combined courses: click.



1. Newsletter
The LeuvenSalsa! newsletter is interesting if you want to know all about upcoming events organised by LeuvenSalsa! Latin Dance School.

If you want to receive our newsletter you can enrol on the homepage of this website. You'll receive a newsletter about every month (sometimes less, sometimes more).

2. The website
What will you find more on this website?

  • info on upcoming classes, on our monthly parties, on the boot camps
  • background info on salsa technique, cultural background, musical tips etc
  • video's and pics
  • info on the salsa holidays we organize in Tuscany in summertime
  • a blog with general comments
  • info on the Leuven Salsa Festival
  • and much much more!

 3. We use a lot also Facebook to communicate about all of this. Here is the address of our general 'LeuvenSalsa! group' on Facebook: click.

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