The LeuvenSalsa! dance school does not only propose dance classes & parties. We can also offer you our contribution adapted to your specific requests: in private classes, company events, bachelor parties, dance initiations or shows at private or public events, participations in team building activities etc.



Private classes can be a solution for people who have a ‘difficult schedule’ and don’t have the possibility to attend a group class every week at the same time.Taking some private classes can also be a way to make quick progress in order to  attend a higher level of group classes.It can of course also be a way to help you in case you have difficulties with some aspects of the dance (technique, styling, leading, following, ...). We can teach at all levels and we’ll adapt precisely to your schedule and wishes. The classes can take place at your place or in a dance hall  that we provide. Contact us at or 0496/123.006 for more info. See for more info.



We regularly propose dance initiations on private or public events: at private parties, for companies, for bachelor parties, in schools or at public events.

The content and the concrete format will be adapted to every specific situation. We can teach salsa, bachata, rueda, tango, chacha, mambo, merengue, zouk ... or of course a combination of some of these styles.

Having a dance initiation at your event or party is often a great way to 'break the ice', to bring people together. The basics of most of these dances are not that complicated, it becomes fun almost right away. Combining initiations with a demonstration is of course a good idea too.

In the recent past we have for instance presented dance initiations (with or without shows) at the Marktrock festival (Leuven), at the Druivenfeesten (Hoeilaart), in various schools, for companies (e.g. Xylos Vilvoorde, De Streekkrant Leuven) or other groups (Scouts Vlaams-Brabant, Chiro Kessel-Lo) but also at private parties (bachelor parties, birthday parties ...).



We can organise a complete event for you: walking dinner in a great dance hall combined with dance initiations, a djdemonstrations ...! A great idea for companies who want to offer something for the personnel or the customers. We will organize the evening in collaboration with you to adapt to your needs and possibilities.



We can bring you demonstrations of various styles: salsa of course but also bachata, rueda, chacha, mambo, tango, zouk, merengue ... It can go from a professional show to a demo (improvisation), from a big group to just a couple.



We are often asked to present a dance initiation at bachelor parties. This can be for instance a salsa+bachata initiation of an hour or an hour and a half. It can be a rueda initiation too, we can bring in merengue, zouk, chacha ... The location can be provided by yourself or by us.



Contact us at or 0496/123006 for more info, prices and formula.

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