Be patient.

Take good dance classes (;-)).

Go out and dance (= practise). If you're a beginner make an appointment with some other beginners.

Practise at home, both solo and in couple.

Working with video's is interesting too (the LeuvenSalsa! video's on Facebook or the ones you'll find on

There are excellent instructional dvd's on the market, but they're mostly meant for  intermediate or advanced dancers.

Be patient (I insist ;-)) and make sure you keep on having fun. So change dance style every now and then, change teacher maybe, have a break every now and then. This fun should be for life, not for two years.

Discover the Latin music. It'll make you dance automatically ...

Form a small group of people and practise with them.

Get good dance shoes.

Listen to music at home.

Work your spinning on socks at home.

Go to parties and look at other dancers.



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