Summer classes concretely:
  1. Here is the full program with all classes: CLICK
  2. You can join in two ways: either you enrol for the full series of that specific class either you get a summer pass and you come whenever you want. In that case you need to fill out the doodle to indicate you are coming.
  3. Do you need to have a dance partner? You can also join without but we will have to find you one as in class you will dance with only one dance partner, due to Covid safety measures.
  4. We teach salsa Cuban style, salsa LA style, salsa NY style and bachata! All of this at three levels: level 1 is for absolute beginners, level 2 for non beginners, level 3 is for people who didn't stop dancing and who will be able to pick up fast.
  5. Free try out classes for beginners: all of the first classes of 'level 1' can be taken as a free try out class! Go to and enrol for the try out classes you want to join.
  6. Here are the links to enrol for the summer pass for 5 classes (, for 10 classes (, for 20 classes ( or full pass (
  7. The address of the doodle is here:
  8. If you don't have a dance partner we will help you to find one. The best you can do is leave a message in our 'partner search groups' on Whatsapp or Facebook ( &
  9. Because of Covid measures we can only accept 8 couples in the classes in Raadzaal and 13 couples in the Celestijntje. Don't wait too long to enrol, there are some classes that are already almost full.

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schedule new classes
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New classes starting in September