In the coming two weeks there are no less than 7 free try out classes for absolute beginners! All you need to do is to go to and enrol for one (or more) of the following seven courses:

Salsa cuban style 1 on Monday 28/6 at 7pm

Bachata 1 on Monday 28/6 at 7pm or Friday 2/7 at 9.20pm

Salsa LA style 1 on Tuesday 29/6 at 7pm or Wednesday 7/7 at 7pm

Salsa NY style 1 on Thursday 1/7 at 7pm or Friday 2/7 at 7pm


Technically you are then enrolling for the series of classes but no worries: at the end of the first classes the teacher will ask everyone who is continuing for the series and who's not. If you don't continue we will simply cancel your enrolment. If you do continue you will receive an email with the payment info.

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