We are taking all measures so that we can keep on dancing and at the same time be as careful as possible.


1. In a class you will dance with one and the same dance partner.

2. Before and after the class we ask everyone to wash the hands.

3. At the Friday practise evening you can dance with one dance partner per style (salsa or bachata, so maximum two dance partners).

4. We are keeping an eye on the number of dancers per room. We keep a time space between every class so as to be able to ventilate between every class.

5. Of course we ask to stay at home if you don't feel well. If you are coming back from a red zone, remain in quarantine according to the instructions of the authorities.

6. Wearing mouthmasks: you need to wear a mouthmask when you enter the building and go to the dance hall. In the dance hall itself you can take the mouthmask off. Of course if you prefer to keep it on you can absolutely do that.

7. In general we follow the instructions and rules of the authorities and we try to use our common sense in all situations!

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