Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of March

  • Friday 13th 8.10-10.10pm Salsa Cuban style (open level)
  • Saturday 2-7pm Rueda boot camp
    • 2-5pm Open level (required to have experience in rueda)
      5-7pm Intermediate level (required to have lots of experience in rueda)
  • Saturday evening from 9pm first Bar Cubano in Stuk with Reynaldo Salazar in animations and DJ El Guapo behind the desk. Free party.


1. Full pass (Friday & Saturday, 7 hours): First 10 passes are at 65€.

2. Rueda  boot camp (Saturday, 5 hours): First 10 passes at 45€.

3. Salsa Cuban only (Friday, 2 hours): First 10 passes at 20€.

4. Salsa Cuban + rueda open level (Friday 2h + Saturday 3h): First 10 passes at 45€.

5. Salsa Cuban + rueda intermediate level (Friday 2h + Saturday 2h): First 10 passes at 35€.

6. Rueda intermediate only (Saturday 2h): First ten passes at 20€.

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