1. Material 

-> Basic elements solo

Outside turns
Prep turns
Delayed turn
Hesitation step
Sincopated basic (sincopate on 3& or 4&)
Box step sincopated
One step forward
Inside turns 'vertical' (forward-backward)

-> Basic elements partnerwork

You know how to go on from left hammerlock follower
You know different ways to go to handshake hold
Box step with triple step
Dominican push-pull-side
Madrileña and variations on madrileña
Come forward two feet and then out changing hands (sincopated or not)
Walk around
Routines with delayed turn leaders and followers
Routines with follower turning right backwards on 1
Leading lady forward left side on the 1 and cross

2. In general

You know what to do with the intro of a song and you adapt to the song itself.
You hear the rhythm and can easily switch from 1 to 5 and back.
You can play and improvise with all of the above.
Your body movement (Cuban motion) is getting better and better.
You are able to improvise and your styling (ladies) is more than ok.

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