1. Material 

-> Basic elements solo

Moderna basic (side and backward forward)
Inside turns, outside turns
Side taps & cambio
Rock step
Dominican basic
Box step
Basic styling for ladies
Rompo delante

-> Basic elements partnerwork

Open and closed position and going from one to the other
Basic principles of leading and following and how to hold hands in both positions.
Basic step moderna side and bw-fw.
Slow turn (closed position) and fast turn (closed position)
Inside turns left and right for followers and leaders
Using side taps or cambio

  • with paseo or with side taps
  • Get to crossed hands and wrap with crossed hands, exit with double hair brush

Box step
Walk side to side changing hands
Open break and switch positions
Routines with outside turn 
Rompo delante

2. Other

Think of HOW you dance, of HOW you move (Cuban motion)
Dance accordingly to the mood of the music
Dance on the 1.
Learn to improvise


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