3 boot camps with Lachi & Ana in the winter & spring 2020

Sunday 26/1
Sunday 26/4
Sunday 7/6

Every time three hours from 3 to 6pm.

Every time:

* Pasitos!
* Rumba guaguanco!
* Styling in partnerwork & solo
* Body movement

* Fun :-)

The first edition this Sunday is in Minckelersstraat 186. Depending on the number of enrolments we'll go to another location next time(s). To enrol for the 3 editions, go to:

The first full passes are at 90 euro (for the three boot camps; for all those of you who have participated at the first edition, you'll simply have to pay the saldo to get to 90 euro). The first ten duo full passes for the 3 bootcamps are at 2x88 euro.
Let's develop the Cuban style in the best way possible!

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New classes starting in September