Bachata sensual boot camp with Lukasz & Paulina - Not WHAT but HOW

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Lukasz has come over to Leuven several times already. His teaching always focuses on 'how to dance', not on 'what to dance'. With him you will not learn lots of routines. You will not see flashy partnerwork moves. But you will work on how to dance, how to connect with your partner, how to connect with the music. Both as a leader and as a follower.

Don't miss this. And if you have any doubt, ask friends who have been to their workshops at I LOVE BACHATA for instance ...

There are ten full passes at 45 euro. Enrol over here: click.
There are also five duo full passes at 2x40€. Enrol over here: click.

After enrolling transfer the fee to BE94431063355114 mentioning 'Lukasz boot camp Feb'. If you have registered for a duo pass, send the name and mail address of the other person to

Place and time: Celestijntje, Celestijnenlaan 19, Heverlee, Sunday 1st of Feb, 2-6pm.

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