Eight new series of classes starting in October

You can always attend the first class as a free try out class (but you need to enrol).

Discounts for master & bachelor students, discounts for groups of 4 or more. 

1. Salsa Cuban style on Mondays 8.10-9.20pm, start on 7th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4749

2. Salsa LA style on Tuesdays 7-8.10pm, start on 8th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4750

3. Reggaeton on Tuesdays 8.10-9.20pm, start on 8th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4757. 

4. Salsa Cuban style on Tuesdays 9.20-10.30pm, start on 8th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4756. 

5. Bachata on Wednesdays, 7-8.10pm, start on 9th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4751 

6. Salsa LA style on Wednesdays, 9.20-10.30pm, start on 9th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4752  

7. Salsa Cuban style on Thursdays, 7-8.10pm, start on 10th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4753 

8. Bachata on Sundays, 8.10-9.20pm, start on 13th of October

Enrol: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4754

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