Salsa on the Square - Open air salsa/bachata party on Martelarenplein Leuven

  • Program

14.00-18.00 WORKSHOPS
14.00-14.40 Salsa cuban style initiation (Sean & Heleen)
14.40-15.20 Bachata initiation (Carl)
15.20-16.00 Reggaeton (Katrin)
16.00-16.40 Salsa cuban style open level (Sean & Heleen)
16.40-17.20 Salsa LA style open level (Björn & Justine)
17.20-18.00 Rueda open level (Sean, Carl, Jessica, Katrin, Elise, Jasmien, Ruben, Sara)
18.00 Animation by Sean

18.00-22.00 PARTY with Dj Carlito

Free entrance. You can leave a contribution at the dj's table if you wish to cover the expenses of this party.

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