Bachata on Tuesday evening
Salsa LA style on Tuesday evening
Salsa Cuban style on Thursday evening (8 classes because of 11th of July holiday)

Series of 9 classes over the 9 weeks in July & August.

Start first week of July. First class is a free try out class.

Enrol on for bachata.
Enrol on for salsa LA style.
Enrol on for salsa Cuban style.

At the end of this first class the teacher will ask you if you want to attend the classes or not.

Fee for a series of 9 classes: 72 euro. Fee for a series of 8 classes: 64 euro. Fee for two series of 9 classes: 138 euro. Fee for a series of 9 + a series of 8 classes: 130 euro.

Is it a good idea to attend more than one style? It's a good idea to combine salsa and bachata but it's better to choose one of the two salsa styles. If you want to know the difference between 'LA style' and 'Cuban style', the best is to search for some video's on Youtube, you will see the difference quickly.

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New classes starting in September