During the Easter break (April 8-21st) the weekly classes will be interrupted. But there will be the EASTER CLASSES! During these two weeks you can attend salsa LA, Cuban, bachata, rueda, styling, merengue, chacha, body movement, initiations etcetera etcetera. Here is the full program: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YZ0VCWjtslGbTWTejFc_czXBtbe-9ILcI_GD0tGtG5s/pubhtml#.

In order to participate you need to first enrol for a type of pass: a pass of two classes, four classes, six classes or a full pass. You'll find links to enrol in the same google doc.

Secondly you have to indicate on the doodle (see again the google doc) which classes you are concretely going to attend. Make sure you remember which classes you have indicated, it is important for the balance leaders-followers.

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schedule new classes
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New classes starting in September