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Enrol for a year pass at LeuvenSalsa!

This pass is valid for ten classes until end of June 2019. The fee to pay if you are currently enrolled in one or more of our series is 70 euro. You can only use this pass as long as you are also enrolled!

You can use this year pass whenever you like! Of course it has to be in a level that fits you and you need to first send a mail to info@leuvensalsa.com to check if the balance allows your participation.

After you have enrolled please transfer the fee within 5 days to BE94431063355114. You will receive your year pass at the first class you attend.

What happens if you still have classes on your year pass and you are not enrolled anymore? You can still use it but you will have to pay 2.5 euro for every class extra.

In case you are not enrolled at all you can ALSO get a year pass but in that case you'll pay 95 euro.

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