24/02/2019 - 14:00
24/02/2019 - 18:00
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Elevate your social dance! Flow, styling and musicality in shines & partnering.

Sunday 24/2/2019, 2 to 6pm in Minckelersstraat 186, Leuven.

Paul Baarn is a teacher with tons of experience, famous for his generosity and relaxed 'way of being'. A curious and creative mind with a passion for teaching, making music, photography ... you name it. Looking for creative shines or partnerwork? Just type in 'Paul Baarn' on google and you'll find tons of great material, all for free. Passing on things to other people ...

Since several years Paul is partnering with Eveline who is for sure going to take a big part in this boot camp, taking care of the ladies and not only.

Expect a boot camp that will boost your creativity, give you ideas, stimulate your self confidence.

Enrol for one of the ten full passes at 40 euro or duo full passes at 2x37 euro. After enrolling transfer the fee to BE94431063355114 mentioning 'Paul Baarn boot camp'.

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