Why does every man who takes the role of follower in salsa or bachata suddenly thinks he has to transform into a woman? Is it so difficult to separate the role of follower from being a woman? Often when a man takes up the role of follower it becomes like a Halloween or Carnaval act ...

We all like to change identitity for a second or longer (not me particularly but i see around me that people like to do that and there's nothing wrong with it) ok ... but still ... is it so hard to imagine that a man can be a follower and still be and act like a man (whatever that may mean)? Why do we have to pick up the ladies' styling moves? It is said 'ladies' styling moves' NOT 'follower styling moves' ...

I plead guilty myself because i have been doing this myself when i was a follower. We think we are so modern and open minded ...hmmm ....

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