Rueda de casino classes at LeuvenSalsa!

On Wednesdays 7 to 8.10pm rueda level 1 with Davide & Panna
On Wednesdays 9.20 to 10.30pm rueda level 2 with Sean & Heleen

Rueda is a great dance form in which couples, lead by one person, perform all the same choregraphies that also involve often changes of partner. It usually has a fun and social character.

Rueda is fun for sure but at the same time at LeuvenSalsa! we take it very seriously :-). First of all we ask the participants to know the basics of Cuban style. Rueda is a fantastic practise moment (like a 'test') for your Cuban style skills but it doesn't work well the other way around. Meaning people who don't master Cuban style will have difficulty in rueda, so before coming to rueda please work on your Cuban style!

Davide, Heleen, Sean, Panna and myself will work together to present a great and coherent program of rueda. We will invite guest teachers also to boost our motivation and give us new ideas. The possibilities in rueda are almost infinite and it will be our pleasure to discover them with you. But first we need to build up the 'rueda basics'.

Another element that is very important in rueda (maybe even more than in other couple dance classes): the balance leaders-followers and the presence at classes. We will start with a perfect balance, meaning if there are 5 leaders only, we can only accept 5 followers. Conclusion: enrol as soon as possible so that you are certain to be in. And ... once you are in please try to be in class as often as possible and when not warn us!

Let's start up a great rueda season! By the way in the Cuban style classes we will also often use rueda in the class to practise, repeat, have fun together.

Last but not least: next Wednesday 7pm is a FREE TRY OUT class but you still need to enrol!!!

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