After reflection with the LeuvenSalsa! team we have decided to reinstaure the EXTRA LEADERS/EXTRA FOLLOWERS SYSTEM!

From September 2018 onwards we will start working with the extra leaders/extra followers system again!

That means that if you are enrolled in our school you can attend extra classes for free on the following conditions:

* The balance is not right between leaders and followers in a certain class. That will be communicated every morning in the Facebook group 'LeuvenSalsa!' for the classes of that day. If you are interested in being an extra leader/follower and you are not Facebook you can let us know, you will receive a mail in the morning that day.

* You need to be enrolled in that particular style and the class where you come as an extra leader/follower must be of a lower level than your own level.


You need to also consider the following rules:

* We will insist a lot that people warn us if they are absent but if people are absent anyway and the balance suddenly does no longer require your participation you will not be able to participate. In other words your participation is not garanteed.

* You have to let us know by Facebook or mail if you are joining as an extra. First come is first served. But ... in case we see that someone is attending 5 or 6 extra classes per week we may every now and then give priority to someone who comes only every now and then (so as to give everyone the same chances).

* In case there appear to be more extra leaders or extra followers present than necessary the 'extra's' will rotate amongst each other (so that they never take the place of someone who paid for the class).


This system is positive for several reasons:

* It will bring people to attend classes 'below their level'. Amongst experienced dancers it is widely known that you often learn more if you're attending classes below your level (how strange that may seem).

* It will bring a perfect balance (or closer to perfection) in our classes.

* At the same time we can keep working with a rule that we like: everyone can enrol without dance partner.


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