The schedule for the new classes starting in September and October are already online, check out this.

The first class of a 'beginners 1' can always be attended as a free try out class.

If it is your first class ever at our dance school any class (no matter what level) will be for free.

There are discounts for master and bachelor students, for -18. For beginners 1 there are group discounts as well (for groups of 4 persons or more).

If you enrol for more than one series (starting in the same period) you will benefit of a discount, see all prices over here: prices.

We teach salsa LA style, salsa Cuban style, bachata, rueda and tango.

What is the difference between LA style salsa and Cuban style salsa? LA style salsa is danced on a line, Cuban style isn't. Images will help you better to understand the difference. Here is a Cuban style video (click) and here is an LA style video (click).


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schedule new classes
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New classes starting in September