Learn From the best ... How to have total control in all parts of the body, isolations, speed, spin, focus, all over techniques, secureness, believe, feminin sexyness, élégance while partnering and solo salsera!

(Mechteld Sterk)

Indeed learn from the best ... Mechteld Sterk has a very impressive curriculum as a dancer. A few years ago the entire Dutch scene organised a big tribute gala event to indicate how important Brian (her former dance partner) and herself have been and still are for the Dutch salsa scene. They have trained and inspired generations or dancers and performers with great style, shows and classes. Just google  'Brian & Mechteld', you will see ...

Now for the first time this lady comes to Leuven to present us what salsa is to her and what dancing salsa as a lady means to her. We'll have a four hours boot camp on Sunday 18th of February, 2 to 6pm in JP Minckelersstraat 186.

The first ten full passes are at 38 euro. Enrol on http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4324.

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