Saturday 24/02/2018

Ewa & Lukasz (Poland), 4 hours boot camp in Leuven.

After their first very succesful participation at I LOVE BACHATA festival in 2017 Ewa & Lukasz come back to Leuven for a 4 hours boot camp.

Enrol for one of the 10 full passes at 47 euro
Enrol for one of the 5 duo full passes at 2x43 euro
Enrol for one of the 5 group full passes at 40 euro pp (groups consist of minimum 4 persons)

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Here's the program as described by the instructors:

- connection & communication in couple – how to do it?

- dance as a dialog and not only men’s monologue

- emotions, trust and how they affect our dance

- creativity – don’t repeat patterns & stylings, create your own style!

- managing energy in the dance

- technique fundamentals

- body movement & spine connections

- organic vs. mechanical dance

For us the best way would be to just describe the programme as above, without strict division (hour 1 this and that, hour 2 this and that etc.).  Then we can manage topics as we go, see what participants need more, which topics are more difficult and require more time etc. (Lukasz & Ewa)

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