Taking some private classes can be an excellent way to give your dancing skills and motivation a nice and big boost ...

It will give you personalised information on what to work on and how to do it.

You will go home with exercises for homework! In this way you'll use the privates as a starting point for more progress. Working alone is an excellent way to learn.

What are the possibilities?

*** For beginners

Salsa (LA style, Cuban or NY style)
Bachata (moderna, dominican, sensual)

*** For non beginners

-----> Working on your spinning skills: get your spinning to the next level, both leaders and followers. You can attend this class on your own or with a partner.

-----> Leading & following. This topic is often neglected but it is essential for a good dancer of couple dancer. What does it mean to be a great follower? And how do i become one? What exercises can i use to become a better one? What does it mean to be a great leader?? You can attend this type of class both alone and with a partner.

-----> Body movement. Do you think that your body movement is still very basic? Then this will help you. Personalised exercises that we will show in detail and let you repeat. We will give you home work, you will be surprised of your own progress! This class can easily be done solo (but of course two or more people can attend)

-----> Shines! In this class we will teach you lots of shines to work on on your own and improve your dancing technique, your styling, your body movement and footwork! Very interesting for motivated dance students. Working on shines will make you progress as a couple dancer for sure as well!

-----> Many other possibilities depending on what you need and what you would like to learn. We can teach you chacha, samba de gafieira, we can work with you on pachanga ...

Think about it ... You do not need to take many private classes ... Taking one or two classes can already give you a boost!

What are the prices?

55€ per hour for one person, 10€ extra if another person joins (so 65€ for both). The first hour will be at 50€ during this summer period.

We will adapt to your schedule. Classes can be in the morning, afternoon, evening, weekends ... Contact me at info@leuvensalsa.com for more details or booking. Of course the first people to book will have more choice as to class moments. There are no extra expenses.


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