From Monday 3rd of July till Friday 1st of September: summer classes!

Here is the schedule with all the classes: click!

You will find all the explanation on this page: general info!

All classes are 'separate units' so you can come when you want, go on holidays and come back, you will not feel lost.

There are some STABLE ELEMENTS in the program:

* Mondays 8.10 or 9.20pm: highest level salsa LA

* Tuesdays 9.20pm: bachata sensual

* Thursdays 7pm bachata 1 and Thursdays 8.20pm salsa 1

* Thursdays 9.20pm: yoga

* Fridays 8.10-10.30pm: bachata choregraphy summer camp

There are some SPECIAL ITEMS:

* Salsa 'moves moves moves': as many combinations as possible in one class

* The summer shine: a common class by Gaëtan, Alex & Carl in which we'll work on a fun shine on a popular song (to be executed all together on Salsa on the Square for instance)

* Salsa fundamentals: working on the basics of salsa

* Shines battle: leaders against followers, shining contest :-).

* Salsa and bachata dips & tricks

There are several INITIATIONS. In tango, in bachata dominicana, in samba de gafieira, in merengue, in chacha, in rueda.

And the CLASSICS: salsa LA at 4 levels, bachata moderna in 3 levels, rueda in 3 levels, salsa Cuban style, spinning classes, shines classes, musicality classes.

You will find all details on the link above. Hope to see you on the dance floor this summer ...



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