More than 120 classes all summer long (July and August)! All levels ...

-> Salsa
Salsa LA style (4 levels)
Salsa Cuban style

-> Bachata (3 levels)
Bachata moderna
Bachata sensual (every Tuesday)
Bachata dominicana

-> Yoga (every Thursday)

-> Chacha, merengue, samba, styling, shines, partnerwork, battles

-> Classes for absolute beginners all summer long on Thursday (salsa LA style and bachata).

-> Bachata choregraphy summer camp: every Friday of summer

Pay with a flexible system: the summer pass. You only pay when you attend a class! Classes in summer are 'separate units'. We will NOT build on material week after week so that people who were on holiday are not 'lost' when they step back in.

The full program of classes is over here: schedule.

The info on summer passes is over here:

schedule new classes
schedule new classes
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