Time: 9 sessions of 2h20 each time (21 hours in all!), Fridays 20.10 to 22.30.
Goal: create one great bachata choregraphy with coach Gaëtan Collaert during summer and present it to the public from beginning of September onwards!
Candidates: highly motivated people is what we are looking for! Experience matters less, we need people who are motivated and who can commit themselves to make this happen.

If you miss one or two sessions because of holidays this can be solved: you can work extra when you're back to recuperate the material you have missed!

We need a minimum of 7 leaders and 7 followers to start up this summer camp. As to the payment you can either attend the sessions with your summer pass or you can pay for the summer camp separately!
The fee is 150 euro for the summer camp only.
 If you want to pay with a summer pass you will find all the info on summer passes over here: http://www.leuvensalsa.com/dp/node/4108.

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