How will the summer passes WORK?

1. You check out the program of classes. For MAY-JUNE it's over here: program May & June.

For JULY-AUGUST it's over here: program July & August

2. You make an estimation on how many classes you are going to attend during those three months and a week. Based on that you ENROL for a type of summer pass: there are summer passes for 5 classes, for 10 classes, for 20 classes, for 30 classes and there are full passes (full pass are only valid for the period July-August).

***5 classes pass
***10 classes pass
***20 classes pass
***30 classes pass
***full pass

3. The first ten persons enrolling for a summer pass get a class extra for free in the period May-August.

4. When you enrol for a pass your data will appear over here mentioning the number of classes you have left on your pass (the 'credit'): credits list. We want to try out this summer of NOT working with paper passes (better for the environment, no possibility to loose them etcetera).

5. Every time you want to go to a class you need to indicate it on this doodle. This doodle will help us to control the balance men-women for all classes. Commit yourself to the doodle: if you have joined on the doodle, BE in the class! You can cancel your enrolment but that has to happen at the LATEST on the morning of the day of class.

6. Each time you go to a class the teacher will indicate on this document that you have attended a class.

7. Can you also buy a summer pass on the spot and in cash with one of the teachers? Yes you can!

8. What happens if your summer pass is finished? You simply take an extra pass.

9. Know also that the summer passes are going to go up 5 euro from July 1st onwards so try to enrol before this!



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