Private classes can be a solution for people who have a ‘difficult schedule’ and don’t have the possibility to attend a class every week at the same time.

Taking some private classes can also be a way to make quick progress in order to  attend a higher level of group classes.

It can also help you in case you have difficulties with some aspects of the dance (technique, styling, leading, following, ...)

We can teach salsa, tango, bachata, merengue, chacha at all levels and we’ll adapt to your schedule and wishes. The classes can take place at your place or in a dance hall  that we provide.

Contact us at or 0496/123.006 for more info.

Our instructors for private classes are Gaëtan Collaert, Kristof Wouters, Sarah Hacene, Carl Hourcau, Jessica Samogin, Björn Engelen & Justine D'Hollander.



  • The fee for one person is 55 euro per hour. For every person joining there's 10 euro extra (so 65 euro for two persons, 75 euro for three etc).


  • If you order a package of ten hours of private classes the average price for one person goes down to 50 euro per hour (+10 euro for every additional person). So you'll pay in total 500 euro for ten hours of private classes for one person and 600 euro for the same amount of hours for two persons.
  • If you order a package of twenty hours of private classes for two persons you will pay 50 euro per hour.
  • In case we need to provide a dance hall there will be a extra cost for the rental.


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