Here is the "LeuvenSalsa! year pass"

What is it?

A pass of ten classes that you can use until end of June 2019. You can use this pass to go to classes whenever you want! On the condition that:

  • the balance in that particular class allows it
  • you let us know well beforehand that you would like to participate

What's the price of this flexible pass?

  • 70 euro if you are enrolled in one or more of our series. Important remark: you can only use the pass at 70 euro while you are enrolled in one of our series!
  • What happens if you still have classes on your pass but you are not enrolled anymore? You can still use them but you'll have to pay 2.5 euro per class extra.
  • If you are not at all enrolled in any of our series you can ALSO get a year pass at the price of 95 euro.
  • Note that it is still cheaper to enrol for two or more series than to combine a series of ten classes with a year pass. However the year pass is more flexible and can be used all year long.

How will it work concretely?

  • You will receive a little pass, similar to the 'summer passes', but looking a bit better :-).
  • Every time you go to a class, the teacher will cross off one class.

PS: Mind that you can not give your pass to someone else, it is personal and as said above price conditions depend on your enrolment status.

Enrol for a year pass over here:

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schedule new classes
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