If you want to enrol for a free try out class (during a free try out week) or for a series of classes, the procedure is the same:

1. Go to the schedule of LeuvenSalsa! (if you want to attend classes in Leuven) or of Salsita! (if you want to attend classes in Brussels or Hoeilaart).

1bis. Another way to get to the classes is to use the 'Overview Enrolling' page that gives you an alphabetic overview of all classes. If you click on one of the classes in this list you will automatically go to the register form as well.

2. Choose the dance style, level and moment that suits you.

3. Click on the ">E" next to the class that you have chosen.

4. Write down your name, email address (and phone number if you want) and click on 'register'.

5. You are now officially enrolled! You will receive (on the mail address you gave) a confirmation email with details on dance style, level, moment, location, starting date and ending date of the series.

6. How to make a difference between a free try out class and a series of classes? Well, it's not possible! All enrolments are actually enrolments for just the first class. At the end of this first class the instructor will ask you personally if yes or no you are going to attend the series of classes. If you confirm, you will be officially enrolled for the series of classes! (Payments as you know are done at the start of every second class.)

7. How to communicate that you just want to pay per class? Then please send us a mail to info@leuvensalsa.com.

8. Don't forget that there are no free try out classes for the so called short series (series of five classes) like "Ladies' technique & styling", "Intro to ...", or "Salsa Body Coordination". You can always of course pay for just one class (12 euro) to try it out.

9. For all questions or doubts or changes, please send a mail to info@leuvensalsa.com or call 0496/123.006.


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