Welcome at LeuvenSalsa! and welcome in the world of Latin music and dance!
Here's a playlist that will give you an idea of what we and what the Latin scene in general has to offer you ...: https://open.spotify.com/user/leuvensalsa/playlist/23oObDEZ8Mzk4JVqkRTrrQ.

The fire and passion of salsa of course (see the songs for instance of Jimmy Bosch, of Orquesta Narvaez), the romantic passion and the smoothness of bachata (see Yenndi, Prince Royce, Jr.) ...

At LeuvenSalsa! we teach all year long salsa and bachata classes. We are working hard to get and keep our classes to the highest levels. In terms of comfort, quality and fun. But we do more than that. We teach rueda classes. What is rueda? This is rueda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s2IVHrPNCc. It's a form of salsa but danced in group. We also teach tango classes and last but not least we teach samba de gafieira classes (this is a partnerwork dance, no connection with the Rio festival solo dancers :-)). Listen for instance to the songs of Maria Rita, Jair Oliveira and others. Samba de gafieira is a beautiful dance style on great music, certainly not as popular as our other dance styles yet but that could quickly change ...

In our classes and at our events and parties you will also learn to dance chacha (Jimmy Bosch or Celia Cruz on the playlist) and to dance on merengue (Juan Luis Guerra on the playlist).

We teach lots of CLASSES indeed. But we do also organise lots and lots of PARTIES. Because we like it and because we know that we will become better dancers as we practise!! SO ... four (4!) parties a week, all year long, completely for free: every Monday and Wednesday in Café Manger, Oude Markt 21, every Thursday and Friday in Palais de Buc's, JP Minckelersstraat 130.

Apart from the weekly classes we organize very regularly BOOT CAMPS on Saturdays or Sundays. There are intensive stages of 4 hours presented by national or international guest teachers who have been very carefully selected. The goal of the boot camps is of course to give you new input, new motivation, get you to know new people and work on a specific topic (technique, style, dance style etc).

Last but not least: we organize two FESTIVALS a year. The Leuven Salsa Festival takes place on the last weekend of November. About 50 workshops from Friday to Sunday evening with prestigious international guest instructors, parties from Thursday till Sunday, great shows ... And all of that in perfect dance conditions in Sportoase Leuven. More details on www.leuvensalsafestival.com. The I LOVE BACHATA festival takes place on the beginning of January and invites big names of the international bachata scene to Sportoase Leuven. More info on www.leuvensalsa.com.

In order to get organised we use Facebook a lot. At the end of every class we will make (and let you make if you want) a video with the material of the class. These video's will be posted inside the 'LeuvenSalsa!' group on Facebook. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/161649357191139/. You need to become a member of the group before you can see the video's.
Of course we understand that not everyone likes to be on Facebook. You could sign up on Facebook under a nick name (and let me know that you are behind that nick name) or you could simply get all the info and news through our website!
Last note ... I'm the director of this school. I have started it up about 8 years ago now. I'm still one of the teachers (salsa and rueda) but our school has many other teachers full of talent and energy: Liesje & Oscar for bachata, Ann, Helena, Gaëtan, Alex, Justyna and Uschi for salsa, rueda, chacha, merengue, Gaëtan and Carmen for tango. But as i said i'm the director of the school so if you have any question don't hesitate to send me a mail :-).

I do hope you will enjoy our classes, parties, festivals and boot camps a lot as well as the playlist!

Carl Hourcau
director of LeuvenSalsa! Latin Dance School

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