Good afternoon!
There is so much beautiful Latin music ... But i know that it is not so easy to get to know it or to discover the good stuff. I know because just like most of you i did not grow up in a Latino culture, so i had to find out after several years and lots of listening ... Fortunately for me there is still so much to discover but i'd like to share some of what i've already discovered with you.
Now, you probably know that there's a very creative period for salsa and Latin music in general that took place in the 70's ... So that's a first treasure to take from. But apart from the 70's there's a lot as well, the musicians have continued making and playing music, adapting, creating, making fusions. The Latin scene of this moment is not the mainstream music in the Western world, it is a 'niche' but there's lots and lots of good things being produced at the moment as well.
Now i have an easy tip for you. In order to discover lots of the classics you can simply go to Spotify. You type in one of the artist i'm going to give you. Click on the page 'Artist' again and you will get a page with the number of most popular songs for that artist. You get in other words like a 'Greatest Hits' right away that you can listen without paying anything and in full legality.
I would recommend you to start with these names:
The 'classics'
* Hector Lavoe
* Ismael Rivera
* Willie Rosario
* Frankie Ruiz
* Ruben Blades
* Willie Colon
* Tito Puente
* Cheo Feliciano
* Cal Tjader
* Louie Ramirez
* El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
* Marc Anthony
* Mayimbe
* Issac Delgado
The newer generation
* Jimmy Bosch
* El Timba
* La Maxima 79
* Wayne Gorbea
* Spanish Harlem Orchestra
* Juan Luis Guerra
* La Excelencia
* Tromboranga
* Orquesta Narvaez
* Orquesta SCC
OR you could be a bit more lazy (just kidding :-)) or make it easier for yourself and listen to this playlist i've made, called 17/11 (just because i started it on the 17th). Here is the link, especially for you :-): 17/11.
Another tip: go to Spotify, search for one of the mentioned artists. You'll get a list with most popular songs of this artist. Listen to those first, that'll get you started.


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