For newcomers in Leuven, no matter if you are Belgian or foreigner ... Here's an overview of the activities we offer through the year.

1. We teach salsa LA style (in 6 levels), bachata (3 levels), tango argentino (2 levels), samba de gafieira (3 levels), rueda de casino (two levels), chacha & merengue (in the 'mixed class').

In the LA style salsa classes we include also a consistant part of salsa 'NY style' and of chacha. You will also get introduced to rueda.

Our classes are presented in series of ten classes over ten weeks (ladies' styilng is a series of five classes with a class once a month on Saturday afternoon). The fee for a series of ten classes is 80 euro (or 75 if you are master or bachelor student). There are discounts if you enrol for more than one series simultaneously. You'll find the full schedule with all classes on

2. On Saturday afternoon we very often propose boot camps focusing on a certain style or theme. Follow us on Facebook or on this website to get news on these boot camps. Usually the boot camps go from 2 to 6pm or from 3 to 6pm and take place in Palais de Buc's, Minckelerstraat 130.

3. Parties!

  • Every Monday and every Wednesday we organize free salsa/bachata parties in Café Manger (Oude Markt 21, Leuven). These parties with dj start at 10pm.
  • Every two weeks we'll organize samba/salsa/bachata parties in Palais de Buc's on Fridays. These parties are free as well and start around 10.30pm.
  • The other Fridays it'll be from 8pm on time for 'Fridays in PdB': salsa, bachata, samba, chacha party. For free as well.
  • Every Thursday after the salsa classes you can keep on dancing in Palais de Buc's. The party starts at 10.30pm.

4. Leuven Salsa Festival. We organize this once per year in the last weekend of November. Four days of workshops, parties, workshops, parties, workshops, parties :-);  Info on

5. I LOVE BACHATA festival. Once a year in January. Same idea but focused on bachata :-).

6. Salsa in Toscana holidays. We organize dance holidays in July or August in Tuscany, Italy. Salsa, pizza, sun, seaside ... Info on


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