From a didactical point of view it is to my opinion highly recommended to attend at least two dance classes a week. Preferably at the same level so that you'll work twice on the same technicalities.

Why do i say this? If you are taking only one class a week -and even more if you don't go out in that same week- you will simply forget a high percentage of what you've seen a week before. You'll come to the class having often no idea what exactly we have been doing the week before. This is nothing personal, it's normal :-). We all have many other things to do in our life, we run from here to there, we have our job, studies, children, family, friends, love life, sports activities etc etc. Of course your brain forgets what you have seen in those 70 minutes ...

On the contrary, if you take two classes a week, say for instance on Monday and Thursday, your brain will have less occasion to forget. That long period of 7 days will be broken into two and you'll be maximum three or four days without dance. In the end the overall effort you will have to produce will be less too. The topics we are working on in the dance classes will be 'fresh' in your brain, you won't have to do an effort to 'enter' into the subject again (as happens with the people who take only class a week).

This should give the following results: less effort to assimilate the material, so a more pleasant general experience. A seriously higher 'learning speed'. Learning to dance takes a lot of time. If you take only one class a week this period will of course be even longer. That may end up to be frustrating in the end. Of course one could say that attending two classes a week is also time consuming. Yes, of course it is. And not everyone has the possibility to free two moments a week for dance. But my point here is that the efficiency (the 'effect') of your effort will be higher compared to taking one class a week.

Of course I realize that this sounds as if i'm trying to 'sell' more classes. Well, i'm not :-). I'm trying to think as a teacher ... At the start of LeuvenSalsa! (8 years ago now) I proposed a schedule of groups with a 'normal' traject (one class a week) and groups with an accelerated traject (two classes a week). So there were for instance 'beginners 1' groups with one class a week and other groups with two classes a week. Simply because i was already convinced of the things i'm writing today. Fact is that there were not many people enrolling back then for those 'accelerated' groups, so in the end we stopped proposing them ... Maybe i shouldn't have abandoned this idea so fast.

Now of course there is a financial aspect also. If you are taking classes at LS! you'll spend 7.5 euro a week if you're taking one class and you'll spend 13.5 euro a week if you're taking two. Of course that's not nothing and it's up to everyone personally to see whether this is possible or not. On the other hand i'm convinced that other activities or hobbies are more expensive than 13.5 euro a week.

Can't you also break that period of 7 days with a salsa party? Of course you can. Partly. Just realize that a party is a quite different thing from a class. At a party there are no limits, everything is possible. You don't know what songs will be played, you don't know who you are going to dance with. It's a fantastic exercise for sure and it is ABSOLUTELY highly recommendable to go regularly to parties, no doubt. But it's not the same as a class. It is not certain at all that you'll even use what you've seen in the previous class: maybe because you don't master it enough yet to do it in 'real life', maybe because it just didn't come up ...

Anyway, this text of mine is just -for those who want- to stimulate some reflection and/or discussion inside the dance community ... It would be great to get some remarks or comments.

Have a fine weekend,


ps: What are we going to do with it concretely at LeuvenSalsa!? Well, at the moment we already propose discounts for people taking two, three, four classes a week. We'll see if we can start up other plans in this direction!

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