Dancing is for everyone. Also for the people who 'don't feel the rhythm'. Also for the 'wooden sticks'. Also for the ones 'with two left feet' ... I'm just listing up cliché reasons people give me when they're asked why they don't dance.

To my opinion dancing is a basic right for everyone. It's a pleasure (a huge one), you work on your body control and awareness, it's a work out, it's a great way to interfere with other human beings. So no, 100% no, dancing is NOT only for people who are good at it. It doesn't matter at all if you're good at it or not.

It's also not restricted to a certain sex (so not just for girls or women), age (from birth till the last day), social condition or body shape (in good shape or less, small, tall, slim, less slim) ...

Start to dance ... Salsa, jazz dance, ballet, contemporary dance, boombal, tango, swing, samba ... Solo or couple dance. Young or old. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you do dance.

Dancing makes you feel lighter. It's like flying a bit. Your body loses its weight or at least it looks like it and it feels like it ... And the connection with the music ... It's like being embraced by the music ... Or another way to look at it: you go INTO the music, feeling every element of the song ... Who would refuse such a pleasure?

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