Two or three years I went for the first time to see Marc Anthony in concert in Antwerp. I remember I was a little 'suspicious' and prejudiced against this 'way too commercial artist' ... Guess I only went because I'm a salsa teacher and he's one of the big names in Latin music. Well, I was very very happily surprised to discover a man with a great voice, playing with a fantastic band and I was also impressed to see how many of his songs have 'meant' something in our life as dancing bodies ... One memory after the other as the songs came up. I remember for instance a breathtaking a capella intro of 'Aguanile' ...

Now two years later Anthony comes up with a new album, called '3.0'.

If you don't know what 'salsa romantica' is, well ... It's like 'salsa meets pop music' with a romantic touch. From the pop songs they've taken: catchy tunes, a lot of importance to the intro, playful arrangements. Add to this a romantic, sometimes dramatic mood and great voices (Marc Anthony, La India, Victor Manuelle, ...) and you have the salsa romantica genre.

In this new album you have the same ingredients again. Fantastic trombones on 'Espera', catchy tunes ('Vivir mi vida', but also many others), lots and lots of fantastic ideas by mister Sergio George (in interview Anthony stresses how important this collaboration is, these albums are done by Anthony AND George). It is simple and great, with an efficiency that will convince children from 4 years old and adults. It's great both for listeners and for dancers. Of course it's full of 'tricks' but it's that efficient and well done that no one should mind ...

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