LeuvenSalsa! is a Leuven based Latin dance school  started by Carl Hourcau in 2005. We propose:

  • dance classes in several styles
  • parties
  • the Leuven Salsa Festival (twice a year)
  • the Salsa in Toscana holidays
  • business events
  • initiations and shows at private events
  • private classes

and other events in which fun and quality come together!



 LeuvenSalsa! proposes dance classes for salsa, tangoladies' technique & styling, bachata, body movement and samba de gafieira.

It is very important to us that all of our classes have these two characterics: 'quality' and 'fun'!

Our teachers propose classes with a clear structure and based on a global didactic plan. The LeuvenSalsa! teachers are caracterized by their didactic skills but also by their commitment and friendliness, creating a great dancing and learning environment. See the page for more details on our team.

Our classes take place in different great locations in Leuven, all of which are well equiped dance halls.


 In order to learn how to dance you need to do more though than just to take classes. Practising is very important and that's why we organize free parties (every Monday and Wednesday in Café Manger).


In order to make progress it is also nice to receive new input from other instructors. We will therefore very regularly invite guest instructors to come and challenge us all by showing other styles, other ways of teaching ... The Latin dance world is very varied and we're happy to show this variety for instance in the 'Leuven Salsa Festival' that we organize twice a year or in the 'Salsa in Toscana' stages that we propose in summer every year.


We propose as well private classes, initiations, demonstrations, teambuilding activities for companies or at festivals or for bachelor parties. See this page for more details.

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