• Students (bachelor & master students) will pay 70 euro for a series of ten (instead of 75 euro). Please bring your student card at the first class.


  • For a group of four people enrolling together the fee for a series of ten classes will be 65 euro (instead of 75).
  • For a group of six people enrolling together you will pay 60 euro each!

    This offer is only valid for the classes for absolute beginners (='beginners 1').

    You will have to send us a mail before the first class of the series to giving us the names of  the 'group members'. You can in other words not constitute a group after or during the free try out class. 

  • Note that this does NOT mean that the members of the group can not have a free try out class. You can still enrol as a group, do the try out and then see how many of your group will actually enrol 'for real'.


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