Are you new at LeuvenSalsa! and would you like to join one of our courses (even though the series have started already)? No problem. Every newcomer in our dance school can have a class for free to allow him or her (and us) to find out what level will be most appropriate for him or her. You'll have an idea on all the classes we are proposing by clicking on 'Schedule' (left top of this website). Please let us know (with a mail to which class you'll take as a try out!

To give you a quick idea on what we propose:

* Salsa classes in six levels (beginners 1, beginners 2, improvers, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and advanced)

* Bachata classes in three levels (beginners 1 and beginners 2)

* Samba de gafieira classes in two levels (beginners 1 & beginners 2)

* Tango classes in two levels (beginners 1 and beginners 2)


Note also that we organize every Monday and every Wednesday free entrance salsa/bachata/chacha/kizomba parties at Café Manger, Oude Markt 29, Leuven. Starting at around 9.30pm.

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