'Multitasking' is very present in the process of learning how to dance. If you really want to learn how to dance salsa, tango, samba or whatever other dance (couple or solo) you'll be confronted to it and i believe we would benefit of giving more attention to it.

In couple dancing one needs to listen to the music and follow it and keep the connection with the dance partner. These are already two different elements.

In a dance class teachers will offer you dance movements, elements of styling, will challenge your feeling of rhythm and your musicality in general, will work on the tension or no tension in arm, wrists, body in general.

As a guy you need to hear the 1, to hear the tempo, to adapt your way of leading to the music, you need to treat your partner with respect, make her have a nice time with you, smile at her every now and then, lead her properly throughout the patterns you've started, leave her the freedom to do some stuff too ... As a lady you need to feel what this man possibly means with this or that, you need to add some great styling, you need to feel the music, smile etc etc ...

It's a lot to ask yourself to do all that at the same time. When learning i am convinced that it is better to focus on one or two elements at the time. If you have trouble as a lady to spot properly or if you have issues with the tension in your arms or if your handstyling is not at all what it could be, you'll certainly have more opportunity to work on that and to improve if you take a class in a level that is not too high for you. Probably even better if the 'general' level is lower than yours. The routines will be easy for you so your mind will have the time to focus on your handstyling or on spotting ... And that's where you will work on your basic dancing.

Conclusion: you'd better stay in a level that is not too challenging for you. This way you'll work on the things you need to work on ...

This is by the way also one of the main reasons why dance teachers learn themselves so much in their own classes: they have to repeat over and over again the basic elements so they have the time to 'clean' them ...

This is just my idea now, be my guest to add your comment!


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