Good evening, here is some info specifically for the beginners 1 groups started this year.

First of all do you know that there is a Facebook group especially for your level? Inside this group we post the video's with the material you've seen in the classes or we leave messages also that are interesting for the 'beginners 1' group. Here is the address of this group:

Secondly, i often repeat it in my classes because i know i have encourage you to do it, i'd like to underline again how important it is to go out ... In fact the ideal situation in order to learn best is: taking one or two classes a week and going out once a week to practise all the material you have seen. Learning to dance is a physical, neurological process that takes time and in fact theory and practise are the best couple possible. Do not wait until you have a high level, you already have material to practise, don't you? Don't be afraid, use the Facebook group to make appointments with other people of your class (to avoid being there on your own). When are the parties? Monday and Wednesday in Café Manger, Oude Markt 29, from 9.30pm.

Thirdly: you have maybe heard in the meantime of the Salsa in Toscana holidays? These are holidays that LeuvenSalsa! organizes in July and August in Tuscany (Italy). In periods of seven or ten days you'll have a mix of holidays, salsa classes, parties, trips etc in a great area near the sea. There is a discount offered of 5% if you enrol in March and another 5% discount if you enrol with 3 other people. Here's a general presentation video: click. Ask me at if you have questions, on you'll find much more info.

Fourthly (:-)), did you know that you can get a discount from your health insurance company ('ziekenfonds') for your dance classes? Depending on the company it can be up to 25 euro that they will pay you if you proof that you are taking dance classes. Concretely: you need to ask your health insurance company for a document that you'll bring to us, we'll sign it, you'll return it and receive the money. You'll get this sum only once a year!

Next: regularly we organize boot camps on Saturdays. This Saturday there is another one in two parts: Saturday morning 10am-1pm Three hours of ladies' styling and technique. This is especially for the ladies of course. Saturday afternoon 2.30-7pm a boot camp for all. See all details on The boot camp is also open to beginners (otherwise i wouldn't tell you :-)).

Next: with a LeuvenSalsa! membership card you'll get a discount of 20% for food expenses at Café Manger! Ask your instructor for such a membership card. You need to sign it with your name to make it valid.

Last but not least: the Leuven Salsa Festival in November. The festival takes place twice a year, in spring and in autumn. It's a long weekend full of workshops, parties, shows, initiations etc. There are many workshops that are accessible also for beginners. The address is


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