In this document I'm trying to give a resume concerning the holidays and answer some of the most important questions ...

Salsa holidays - resume


Especially in the case of the holidays taking place in Montepozzali (4-14/4, 23-30/6, 7-14/7) it is important as i need to tell the owners end of February how many places we want for this or that period. After that it will probably not be possible anymore to enrol for these three periods. End of February will also be the moment to decide if these three periods take place for sure or not. Why do they need to know it so early? Because there are many other tourists who want to rent the apartments ... But also for the periods in Gabellino/Prata it is nice to enrol quite soon so that we'll have the best possible housing (periods: 

16-26/7, 26/7-4/8, 4-11/8, 11-21/8, 21-28/8) and we'll be able to communicate fast that all of the periods take place.

We need 20 people (10 men, 10 women) for every stage (in Montepozzali that'll be the maximum, in Gabellino it's the minimum).



As you have maybe noticed i will make an event's page for every period. There will be some info on these pages about the content of this specific period, about the instructors, some pics of the location etc.

I start up these groups in order to have an idea who is interested in a specific period. If you answer that you are going to do this period or that you are 'maybe' going to do it, I will then invite you into a private group on Facebook for that specific period. If you give yourself up for a certain period it doesn't mean that you HAVE to participate, it's just a method to give everyone the chance to see who are the other interested people. The groups will be used to communicate about:

- number of enrolments at some moment

- traveling together with airplane or car

- the housing that is remaining



a) Enrolments before 1/1/2012 benefit of a 7.5% discount on the enrolment fee. What do you need to do to be enrolled: answer the few questions on and pay the advance payment of 250 euro.

b) Enrol with three other persons and get a 5% discount on top of this. This means that a group of 4 people enrolling before New Year will benefit of a discount of 12.5% for every 'member' of that group.

c) Ex participants will benefit of a discount of 5% anyway even after New Year. They can also form groups, the maximum discount though will still be 12.5%.

d) The only higher discount possible is when you enrol for a second stage in 2012. You will then benefit of a discount of 25% on the fee of the second stage.

e) Can you pay 250 euro advance payment without indicating which period you'll go? Not really as we need to know how many participants we have for every single stage ...


So in order, what should we do? I'll make event's pages for every period, i will then make groups for every period (groups are more useful on Facebook than simple event's pages). This will help you to figure out who is going to what period and we'll be able to start organizing the trip concretely (transportation and the housing mostly).


Let me know if you have more questions through





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