If you would like to attend a try out class for free or if you would like to enrol for a series of classes, there is one same procedure. Go to the 'SCHEDULE' image on this website, click. Now you see the complete schedule of all classes starting between January 8th and 13th. Now you just have to choose which class(es) you are interested in and click on the 'Go' next to that class.

A class can be for free only if it is 'beginners 1' series and it has to be between January 8th and 13th!

At the end of the first class the teachers will ask everyone if they are going to participate 'for real' or not. The payment for all 'beginners 1' series of classes can be done at the second class (or at the end of the first one).

Just come and try, no need to bring a dance partner!


For all questions: info@leuvensalsa.com.

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