Good morning, here is some 'beginners' related LeuvenSalsa! info.

  • First of all in a couple of weeks there's a new start up week for classes: October 9th-15th! If you would like to attend a second (or third or fourth) course, that's the moment to do it :-). You'll pay 55 euro extra (instead of 75) for every course you add to the first one (in case you are already enrolled at this moment).
    There are new salsa beginners 1 classes (every day of the week except for Saturday!), there are new beginners 2 classes (on Monday and Wednesday) or you can join the second half of a course (beg1 or beg2). To enrol for a second half of a course, you'll pay 30 euro extra.
    There is also a new start for bachata beginners 1 (Thursday), tango beginners 1 (Monday) or zumba (Wednesday).
    We will also start with a course 'Music initiation' for children (5 to 7) on Wednesdays and we'll go on with the 'Kids' dance classes' on Mondays (still possible to join, 4 to 6 years).
    On Wednesdays we'll start with something new as well: the 'Latin technique classes'. These sessions mean to work on 'general' skills you will need in your salsa or bachata or other Latin dances. We'll work on spinning, we'll work on your Cuban motion (body movement), we'll present merengue, chacha and rueda in the process, we'll work on leading and following skills, on head spotting, on the 'quiet conversation' you should have with your dance partner, ... These Latin technique classes are accessible for all people who have reached minimum salsa beginners 2.

  • Secondly, on Facebook there are private groups for every level of every dance style. Here is the link for salsa beginners 1: click. Here is the link for salsa beginners 2: click. And here is the link to the general LeuvenSalsa! group on Facebook: click. You need to ask permission to enter as these are only for our students. All of this, together with being registered in the LeuvenSalsa! newsletter (subscribe for it on, should give you all the news concerning dance classes, festival, parties, dance holidays ...
  • Thirdly, for the Leuven Salsa Festival (10th edition, 25-27th of November), there are special passes for beginners. Until the end of September these passes are at 35 euro. They will give you access to the Saturday party and to five workshops out of the 16 workshops that are marked on the program with 'open' or 'beginners'. There's nothing to be 'afraid' of as a beginner at this festival ... as long as you stay out of the workshops marked with 'intermediate' or 'advanced' you'll be fine :-). For the rest you can just think of the festival as being a weekend with lots of dance, parties, classes, for everyone and for people coming from everywhere. You can enrol for such a 'beginners' pass' here: click. Of course this pass will not give you access to workshops that are not meant for beginners!
    If you want to attend more than five workshops that weekend, you can simply take a full pass (currently at 70 euro). If you enrol for two full passes you get a 5 euro discount. If you enrol for four full passes, you get one for free. Full passes are to be found here: click.
  • Last but not least: in order to learn and to improve your dancing good classes are important but practising is as important! Getting beginners at parties is not always so easy, that's why i'm insisting so often :-). Make an appointment with others, post a message inside the Facebook group about it, there are many possibilities but try to start going out. Wednesdays in Café Manger are for instance excellent for that: there are not many people going on Wednesdays yet, so take the space before others do ... On Saturday 8th of October we'll have then the first big party of the season in Redingenhof, here's the info: click.

Have an excellent day, i hope you're having fun at the classes already ... Normally it gets only better and better :-).




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