Here are a couple of rules and regulations to get the dance classes, parties, boot camps, festivals, holidays of LeuvenSalsa! even better ... Every student should have read this at least once. By enrolling in one of our classes or events you automatically declare that you agree with these rules.

  1.  PAYMENTS - Payments have to happen on the first day of every series. The only exception is for 'beginners 1' where you can pay also on the second class.
  2. FREE CLASSES - Only the first class of a 'beginners 1' series can be for free. The only exception is when you are a newcomer at LeuvenSalsa!, then you can take one class for free on the first day of a series of another level.

    Everyone can enrol without dance partner in our classes. Nevertheless, if we notice after a while that the balance men-women is too heavily disturbed, we will not accept 'single' enrolments for that specific course anymore and ask people to enrol with a partner.

    Always enrol online for all classes you want to attend, otherwise we can't take your enrolment into account.

    Enrolments are personal. You can in other words not pass your enrolment, ticket, pass to another person. Enrolments will never be refunded.

    If the balance men-women is not perfect we will invite extra leaders or followers.

    Extra leaders or followers can only attend classes of their own level or lower. You can not be an extra leader in a dance style you have not enrolled for. Not even if there are enough extra leaders or followers!

    An extra leader (or follower) can of course never take the place of someone who has paid to be in that class. As an extra leader you are never certain that you will actually get to dance, that's part of the game so to say.

  5. LEVELS - In order to 'protect' the level of our courses we will actively intervene if we believe someone should be in a higher or lower level. Ask our advice if you have any doubt. In case of doubt the instructor has the last word. We do this 'selection' job for your own good and for the good of the class group in general. We want to have homogeneous groups with students who an experience that correspond to the levels that are described here. The advices we give are based on a number of precise and objective criteria. You can certainly ask to talk about a certain advice with the instructor but his decision will stay as it was.
    When you miss a class we insist on the fact that you should send a mail to to warn us about that. That mail should be sent in the morning of the day of class. You will receive a confirmation that your mail has been read. This is a very important rule because we want to have a perfect balance men-women in our classes. If you don't warn us or warn us to late we won't be able to garantee that balance.

    Only if you warned us in time about missing a class you can recuperate that missed classes. If you want to recuperate a missed class, you have to send a mail about it to 24 hours beforehand. You will receive an 'ok' to indicate that you can participate. You can recuperate classes only within the dance style you have enrolled for. Recuperating classes is only possible within the period you have enrolled for.

  7. 7. WITH YOUR DANCE PARTNER ONLY - If you wish you can perfectly attend our dance classes with your dance partner only. In all of our classes we propose to change partners very often, for didactical reasons, but if you wish to stay with one partner, no problem whatsoever. Just communicate this to the instructor.

    8. WELL BEING OF EVERYONE - We try to offer you the best classes possible and to create in general (in our classes, at our parties, boot camps, festivals, holidays) an environment that is as ideal as possible and in which people of all dance experience, age etc feel comfortable and welcome. If we notice that the behaviour of a certain student or dancer is annoying to others we will not hesitate to intervene. A special attention is given to the well being of the ladies. We'd like to insist that if you notice (at parties for instance that can happen) behaviour that is making other people feel uncomfortable or worse, please come and talk with us about that. If the first and only intention of a person is clearly to 'pick up' a partner for other matters, we will not hesitate to deny access to our events to that person. Same thing if there's an obvious and constant lack of respect. We'd like to help creating and keeping in place a great dance community in which people feel 'at home' and can dance in the best circumstances possible.

    9. At parties we try to garantee to have a mix of styles and music so please everyone. We believe strongly in the peaceful and stimulating coexistence of all dance and music styles so it can never that a certain style takes over and starts to 'push away' other styles.

    10. Everyone makes mistakes, we do as well. Do not hesitate to contact me at or to speak with your instructor if you believe a mistake has been made or if you are unhappy about something. It'll be a challenge for us to try and improve things.

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