You will find a very detailed description of the content of our salsa classes on this page (click) but here is a short resume of the way we work.

The salsa style we teach is 'salsa LA style', so the focus will be on this style.

We are nevertheless convinced that a good scholing for a salsa dancer should include also as a minimum other styles like bachata, merengue, chacha, rueda and salsa on2.

There's a lot to learn from these styles, apart from the fun of being able to dance them of course.

In the beginners 1&2 courses we will also work on rueda, bachata and merengue. Rueda de casino is a challenge for your coordination and rhythmic feeling. Bachata is great to add body movement, styling, expressivity. Merengue is great as well for body movement and expressivity.

In beginners 2 we will start working also with chacha. Chacha will challenge your feeling of rhythm again, helping you to understand Latin music better. It is great too to work on styling.

Throughout intermediate 1 we'll continue working on bachata, chacha and rueda.

Salsa 'on2' (New York Style) will be on the program from intermediate 2 onwards. Another challenge for your feeling of rhythm and music in general.

For those of you who want to keep to go deeper into some of these 'other styles' we are offering specific classes focusing on bachata (in three levels, on Thursday from October on and on Fridays) and on salsa on2 (Friday, from October on).

Note that you'll pay 55 euro (instead of 75) if you enrol for a second course (in the same period).

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New classes starting in September